This is our motto.

Before choosing any plant, the real choice is the supplier.


Investing in a biogas plant is an important decision. For you. For your farm. For your profits. Beyond all the factors you must consider, finding a supplier you can trust, and to whom you can indeed entrust yourself, is the key for making that decision the best possible way. No regrets, with maximum satisfaction over time.


We are convinced that the best way to save (and therefore to earn money) we can offer you is the efficiency of your plant, which is close to 100%. Saving on finishes, on components, on the details that make a difference, and that make efficiency savings, is not really saving: it's just a deferred cost over time. It is the assuredness of future dissatisfaction. We will not ever give our clients such dissatisfaction. Because the only promise that we imagine for you is true profit, real satisfaction


IES BIOGAS plants have a demonstrated operational continuity that is close to 100%. This is proven by the performance that the over 100 installed plants are obtaining, and with them more than 100 farmers and the balance sheets of their farms. This is what really counts.


As you can see, we speak your language. And not just because we are the only truly Italian biogas company. But because - for us just as for you - quality and results are the true yardsticks of each decision.


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